Welcome To Medpoint Distributor


With offices in Rawalpindi and Peshawar. Medpoint Distributor work with many leading pharmaceuticals companies of Pakistan through Distributions agreement.

ThanksĀ  to many years of experience in the pharmaceutical distribution we can provide our clients with fully integrated assistance that includes market analysis and distribution

By implementing cutting-edge tools in the sales process. we are supply to an enhanced relationship between our clients and our suppliers with tangible for both.


Medpoint Distributor is uniquely positioned to serve the growing needs of Pakistani Pharma market with excellent supply chain setups and professional supply chain team.

We are concerned about safety and quality of pharmaceuticals due to which we works only with accredited laboratories and manufacture to guarantee quality



Creating such an organization that facilitates smooth business operations for the pharmaceuticals manufacturers by providing quality service and improving standards


Pharmaceutical distribution setup that support the growth of our business partner following all the aspects of quality supply chain and management system

Unrecognizable pharmaceutical research scientist managing prescription drug supply chain via touch screen. Pharma IT concept for SCM, end-to-end fulfillment, serial tracking, freight transportation.
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Management Message

Thanks to all who positively, critically, directly and indirectly supported us since inception of organization. Success is product of team effort and i acknowledge every effort of our team member’s/ employees without them it was not possible to achieve milestones